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1 Oct Story. Once, there was a laptop which had a rough life: lit up at dawn (!), it would work all day, and almost all night, with a lot of ssh and heat. initial working app (based on electron-react-boilerplate) To start a react-hot electron app development! Use electron-packager to pack your app with --all options for darwin (osx), linux and win32 (windows) platform. 29 Jan Git Clone URL: (read-only). Package Base: xbrightness. Description: Software X11 brightness control.

This package contains xbrightness, a commandline tool for altering the brightness (and optionally gamma) through the X server. WWW. Additions in September in order to get some revival from a shifted LCD screen. LINKS 25 Apr How I made a FreeBSD port of 'xbrightness', to adjust the brightness of the monitor, along with a GUI written in Python using Qt4.

1 Jan Can anyone remind me of the alternatives to xbrightness? I understand that the alternatives are not guaranteed to work, but I'd like to try one. > System > xbrightness (). xbrightness sets the overall brightness of a monitor via the XFree X server video mode extension. 26 Nov Enter xbrightness and xbrightness-gui (Mikael Magnusson to the rescue again! He knew about these excellent programs, and perhaps equally., , K. [ ], xbrightnessmika-, , 13K. [ ],, There's a utility called xbrightness ( for dimming the screen in linux (basically a linear gamma ramp). I've made some additions.

This class describes the usage of bdfb6d-afaa-a0d9d UUID. Copy. bdf84b6dafaaa0d9d Link. Copy. Views. 1 / month. 10 Jan Homepage, Keywords, x Maintainer, nobody. License, Not yet specified. Other variants, There are no other. IGN: xBrightness Age: 16 Wins: Kills: Deaths: Preffered position: Support/Rifler Past teams: Illogical, C6, Ivory, Soul, Insanity Time.